My husband and I originally created this travel blog to keep our family updated on our six-month backpacking honeymoon through India. But we had such a great time, we decided to continue our adventures, even with a baby! Want to watch an interview with an iPod-toting Tibetan monk? Or check out pictures from our ice-climbing adventure in the Catskills last month? Check out photo galleries, audio slideshows, videos, blogs, and articles from my honeymoon adventures — past, present and future — with my writer-photographer husband, Navdeep Singh Dhillon


Of course I’m writing a novel! As a journalist and screenwriter with more than a decade’s worth of story-telling experience, I am taking my storytelling to the next level, earning my MFA in fiction at the New School, where I am also cofounder of the book blog I’m also working on a modern women’s fiction title, -30-, which I previously developed as a feature screenplay with MTV Films. For more information or if you’d like to check out an excerpt, get in touch with me via my contact page.


A screenwriter whose work has been developed by MTV Films, I earned my Master’s in Dramatic Writing and South Asian Diaspora Studies from New York University in 2006. I’ve got several projects under my belt and have worked as a script doctor and writing coach. Contact me for rates.

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