Three Awesome Apps For Readers

Last week, I wrote about my favorite APPs for writerly types — including Scrivener and Crashplan. There were a few others I kept wanting to add to the list, but then I realized they weren’t really APPs for writers — they were APPs for readers. And while there’s so much overlap, there is a difference.

So, herewith, my three favorite APPs for readers.

Kindle for iPad: I truly LOVE my iPad mini. It’s so cute and portable, and I can check email or social media, watch True Blood or Days of Our Lives, an, most importantly, READ. I have several reading-oriented APPs on the iPad, but the most convenient is my Kindle, which it makes it easy to read recently downloaded books from Amazon. The great thing about the APP is that so frequently has steals on books that I’ve been meaning to read, like Sarah Jio’s Violets of March or Meg Donahue’s How to Eat A Cupcake. And it handily keeps track of exactly where I left off in each book.

Overdrive for iPad: Here’s a really well-kept secret — these days, you can download eBooks from the library. For free! And no, this isn’t just a fancy New York City thing. Using the Overdrive APP, you can browse your library’s selection of eBooks and even audiobooks, checking them out for up to three weeks at a time. And when they expire, they just simply disappear, you don’t even have to remember to return them. The other awesome thing: if a book is checked out already, you can put yourself on the waiting list, and your library will send you a reminder email when it becomes available to download. And all those books you meant to check out are on the list. Yes, even 50 Shades of Grey.

Feedly: Many lamented the loss of the google reader, but I must admit, I’d never even tried it. And I’d still be flipping from site to site if my sister hadn’t finally insisted I try Feedly, this super-slick RSS reader that gathers all your favorite news and entertainment resources into one handy-dandy feed. It even looks slick and pretty. There’s an APP specifically for the iPad, but if you’re using your laptop, you can log in to your feed on your web browser, too, so you’ll never miss a thing. And it makes it all look pretty, too.

What’s your favorite APP for readers? 

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